The Pillars

The Eight Pillars

The Pillars stand on the Inner Continent their tops pointing toward the islands on the Outer ring. All light in the Isles is provided by the Pillars. Each one acting as a Mini Sun. This means their is no true Night in the Isles, at least on the Surface…

The Pillars are associated with the Cardinal directions.

The Pillars were once gods, before the Aberrant ripped a whole into the far realm. Their Mad gods chained and tortured the gods of the Material plane while warping the cosmos. Ripping it Asunder, the Eight weak and losing their light by the moment used what little power they had left and Ripped the Isles from the cosmos. Sealing the Aberrant and their mad gods in a closed internal world of constant Sunlight, hoping that the mortals they loved would find a way to survive.

Now in the Tattered Astral plane Their chained corpses stand as a testament to the powers of the Mad-alien beings of the Isles.

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The Pillars

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