Slave Master Grig

Slave Master in charge of Complex tasks.


A particularly ugly Neogi with pustules on the right side of his face down his neck and a hooked front claw that no longer works. He wears a drape over the right side of his face in order to gain respect from his other Neogi, Who Abhor weakness or imperfection.


Grig is in charge of special tasks and quests involving slave action. He has mastered the Slave crown and choker, and commands whole troupes on excursions into the underdark. He is week however and never fights on his own. He takes pleasure in pitting slaves with inferior weapons against strong denizens of the Underdark. He has a nagging fear that something will happen to him on such an excursion, but they make him very Wealthy.. and to a Neogi… Wealth is Everything.

Slave Master Grig

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