Isles of Madness: The First Era

The Game Plan
Underdark, Session, 1

In the prominent household of Master Grig, a Collector, a plot is hatched among his favorite pieces. His Pet Project Fiona a Halfling who he’s owned since her early childhood, forced into the Shadow to sell her soul for the ability to kill his enemies. Is watching over a few of his other slaves, His Dragon-born General, Arjahn, from a far off world, His Crystal Golem unearthed from the rock surrounding the hive, and A bestial monk he obtained in a raid known simply as Beast, as they work on the rock garden a present to Fiona. From her dark cell his Unique acquisition named simply slave 21 watches them as they work, having recently been helped by Manishtu, who is only feigning non-sentience, who is actually a Shard-mind buried in the earth for centuries. From his perch in the library Oris a Deva MOnk of Correlion watches them in the garden as well.

Arjahn has been patiently awaiting an opportunity to escape his enslavement to search for information on his brother who he chased to this world, by getting himself enslaved. Sensing that the Golem is more than he seems, when Fiona steps out of the garden on an errand, he turns to the Golem and demands information from it. When he realizes that it is not only sentient but also telepathic, he instantly begins formulating a plan. Beast and Oris both notice the exchange. As well as Fiona who stepped up to get a Gardening book she had noticed earlier. Fiona Sneaks out onto the balcony overlooking the Garden to hear the plans. Oris disturbed by her behavior interjects, she silences him and demands he follow her into the garden, where she demands to know what is going on. 21 begins making a racket when she notices Oris, who she has taken a liking to. Beast takes this opportunity to sneak into the library to try and find a map of the city they are imprisoned in.

Oris seeing this also tries to sneak into the library but stumbles and falls onto his back. Arjahn having prepared for this, shouts at Fiona to keep her attention, When 21 Bursts out of her prison in a stream of Locusts suffusing the scene with sound and fury. Fiona Confused and a tad scared screams out asking for an explanation. The Noise awakens something within the house…

The Sound of insect-like feet scurrying along the walls is quickly accompanied by the shrill screams of Grigs Progeny. They burst into the garden covered in blood having consumed their keeper in a curiosity filled bloodlust. Arjahn and Fiona Quickly rally the group into a defensive formation. Arjahn Brandishing a dagger he’d been slowly carving for years. Oris Rushes to his feet and grabs a stone and Arjahn Brandishes a Glaive made from his own substance. Beast hearing the ruckus outside runs to an antique display and grabs a few of the weapons within tossing them to ORis and 21. A Fierce Battle rages With Manishtu showing both Arcane and Divine prowess, Fiona brandishing shadow and other dark magics to wound the larva, Arjahn Bathing one in flame leaving only one eye unburned. 21 rages the battlefield with insects shifting from swarm to humanoid at will. Beast Joins the fray attacking faster than the eye can see, and Oris Ends a threat with a blinding arrow made of light.

Brought together by this sudden sin against their master the Slaves look around at each other some sorely wounded and wonder what happens next….

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