“No one in these dark times, save maybe the now extinct Dwarves, knows what happened to the Archipelago… It was once a tropic paradise, with bountiful life watched over by the Primal races. Now it is wrought with pain, death and madness…” -Slave 5 “Old man”

The Isles haven’t always been overrun by creatures outside of nature’s scope, something happened. The Elves believe it was the humans fault, The Grippli and the Wilden blame the Dwarves and their Machines. The Slaves blame the gods that abandoned them. The Aberrations, blame something called the Tower of Woe, but no recorded History mentions such a place. One thing can be agreed upon, the gods are dead, The Illithids Rule, the Aboleths Scheme, The Beholders decimate and consume, The Neogi enslave,

and The fair races… suffer… 168 webofchains

The Isles themselves are varied with independent climates, one moment you’re in a gorgeous winter forest, the next in a steaming jungle teaming with danger. Illithid Scholars denote this effect to the fact that many of the environs of the isles are ripped from other Worlds. The truth of this may never be known by the fair races.

Isles of Madness: The First Era

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